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We are a commercial and private pothole repairs contractor service. We specialise in pothole repairs, tarmac patching, surfacing and reinstatement works . Maintenance for car parks, private roads and industrial estates throughout the UK. From the smallest asphalt pot hole repair to the car park overlay and construction to the highest standard.


Commercial and private pothole repairs service, repairing surfaced areas and the making safe from trip hazards, vehicle damage and further damage to your existing surfaced area with the least possible disturbance to your business or customers.


  • All works to be carried out with safety a number one priority
  • Repairs to be completed to high standards
  • Repairs to cause as little disruption as possible
  • To be cost effective and efficient
  • Reduce carbon footprint continuously


We are the North Wests number one pothole repair and tarmac patching contractor. We offer two main types of repair:


Bitumen hot roll asphalt 10mm wearing course matching existing surface for over 4 square metres area.


All repairs are cut back and squared off with diamond blade saw and the joints sealed with bitumen cold joint sealer.
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Fully graded, high PSV cold asphalt for the repair of small areas up to 4 metres total area covered.

Tarmac Driveways | Resin Driveways | Manchester POTHOLE REPAIRS